This week in our nursery

This week we have been very busy in our post office. The children have been practising their writing and mark making skills, talking about who we might post letters to, and had lots of fun using the ink pads and stampers. We have made potions using hole punch pieces, glitter and sparkles. We have also looked at numbers in written form and matching the correct number of cubes. We have been gardening too, removing the weeds, planting pepper seeds and picking the strawberries.

The children decided to role play a fire in the home corner. In line with our planning in the moment, we called a spontaneous fire drill and evacuated the nursery!! The children thought this was great and provided us with the ideal opportunity to refresh our evacuation procedure with the children. They remembered the rules very well.

Little Squirrels

This week we have been talking about woodland animals and where they live. We were particularly interested in hedgehogs, so decided to make salt dough hedgehogs. The children loved this and were very good at snipping the dough with scissors to make spikes. We have been checking how everything has grown and the children helped with some weeding.

School visit

This week the children have been practising various different races in the hall in preparation for our sports day. The children then enjoyed spending time in the classroom with Mrs Mackay, as well as exploring the reception garden. The children are so confident in the classroom, we’re sure they will love going to “big” school in September.


Drama continues to be a huge hit with the children. They are so pleased to see Claire and often ask if it is a drama day. This week the children had to listen very carefully to Claire’s instructions as her actions were not the same. The children have really got the hang of this now. We then played a round robin game where the children turn to each other and say “You smell like a pizza!”, their friend then says “you cheeky monkey” and this continues round the circle. This has now become much more fluid and is now passed round very quickly. The children also had to use their imaginations to pretend to be certain animals. They had to adopt the movements, the eating habits and mannerisms.

Letter of the week

The letter of the week is Rr. Please place all items in the bag by the inside door.



Wishing you all a lovely weekend,
Cherry and Team


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